Minigolf is changing in some crazy way and we are a part of the revolution! Our products are the answer for young adult needs of spaces full of instagrammable objects, and OH BOY - our crazy golf course is really good looking! And it's not just a concept - we tested it in our own place with more then 35 000 games played (and counting!) with some crazy positive feedback. Want to get your place crazy?

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But what exactly is
crazy golf?

It's a new version of minigolf with some crazy design you've never seen before. We're taking the concept to the next level combining golf with other activities like pachinko, beer pong, bilard or pinball, which makes a well know game fresh.

We have 20 different holes available.

You can mix and match them to make one or two different golf courses that will suite your guests, size of your place and its profile.

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What makes us different?

  • 3 routes with different difficulty level
  • made from unusual but durable materials

  • every hole with LED lights 

  • customize the look to suite your place

  • small size with maximum playability

  • mechanical element that makes the game even more fun!
  • easy maintanance
  • instagrammable and eye-catching
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Check your estimated revenue

80 000 eur per course monthly

With our reservation system capable of letting in 5 guests every 10 minutes.

We're Polish company based in Warsaw and Poznan.
Our idea was born from our own need - we wanted to open first activity bar in Poland.
We traveled all around the world searching for the perfect activities and this is when idea was born.

Your heartbeat raised while watching our crazy golf courses?
Sounds like something you want in your place?
Let us know! We'll be more then happy to tell you more!

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