• What's so crazy about your golf?

    We try to do our crazy golf courses as unique as it is possible. Every hole is made out of durable materials that will last for long time and all of them are LED backlit.
    All of them got three separate routes that depend of the risk you’ll take:

    • the most easy route is the longest
    • medium route is a little bit shorter
    • the most risky one is hole in one
  • Does your holes come with warranty?

    Yes – we give one year warranty for every hole.

    We also give full plans for maintanance purpouse.

  • How large should be one one golf course?

    In our experience 10-11 holes is the sweet spot for one course.

  • Can you customize my golf course?

    Sure! You can pick from available colors of bands and grass to make it your’s!

  • Is it possible to check it before buying?

    Sure! Visit us in Warsaw, Poland in Zagrywki bar and see for yourself how much fun you’ll have!

  • Your place - Zagrywki looks amazing! Can you help me to make something like that in my country?

    Of course! Manufacturing golf courses is only part of our business – we can help you with setting up great activity bar in your place!

Your heartbeat raised while watching our crazy golf courses?
Sounds like something you want in your place?
Let us know! We'll be more then happy to tell you more!

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